Christmas Trees

The most traditional symbol of Christmas, the Christmas Tree, where the whole family gathers to share gifts and spend time together. These cards are perfect for corporate, business, company or personal use. At Festive Collection we have loads of gorgeous cards that feature the iconic tree, some of which are mentioned in this blog.

Christmas Eve Skaters | Card Code: 8FA34

This beautiful card design was painted by the artist Daniel Rodgers and depicts families and friends ice skating around a lit up Christmas Tree. There’s such a festive feel to this card with it’s warm tones and atmosphere. This card is personalised straight onto the card but if you would prefer it with a paper insert we can provide them for you for just 10p + VAT per card with a minimum charge of £20.00.


Enchanted Tree | Card Code: 8FA35 Enchanted Tree (Front Personalised) | Card Code: 8FB35

This card is another lovely painted design which features subtle blue trees in the background with a bold, eye-catching, lit up tree in the centre. It is personalised straight onto the card and is also available with front personalisation where we can add your company name and logo to the front cover. As with Christmas Eve Skaters there is no paper insert included with this card but if this is something you would like just let us know in the Special Instructions box when you order online.


Radiant Tree | Card Code: 8FA59 Radiant Tree (Front Personalised) | Card Code: 8FB59

This pretty card features a stunning design made up of lots of Christmas trees of different shapes and colours. The main focal point of the card is a striking white tree that really catches the reader’s attention. Just like the cards mentioned previously this card is personalised directly onto the card but paper inserts can be provided. For company purposes you can add your name and logo to the front cover to really impress your clients.


Radiant Tree Card Calendar | Card Code: 8FC109

This design is also available as a Card Calendar – personalised company calendars are an effective promotional giveaway item for all businesses. Keep your company name at the front of your customers mind all year round by personalising your calendar with your company name, details and logo. These card calendars act as a card but can be flipped inside out and turned into a desk calendar for the rest of the year.

There are two style options for the calendar side:



Just let us know which you’d prefer in the Special Instructions box when your order online.

Contemporary Christmas Trees


Glimmering Gold | Card Code: 8FA41 Glimmering Gold (Front Personalised) | Card Code: 8FB41

This Christmas tree on this design is made up of snowflakes and looks very modern and sleek. This card is personalised straight onto the card and the front personalised version allows you to not only add your company name but change the colour too! If you would like a different coloured design just let us know in the Special Instructions box when you order online.


Tree of Stars | Card Code: 8FA142 Tree of Stars (Front Personalised) | Card Code: 8FB142

The tree on this Christmas card is composed of hundreds of gold stars and has lovely spots of blue that complement the rest of the design. This card is personalised straight onto the card inside and can also come with front personalisation where you can add your company to the cover. If you require paper inserts we can add these for you, just let us know in the Special Instructions box when you order online. As with all of our Front Personalised cards you can change the greeting on the cover too, if you’d prefer something different just let us know.

Luxury Christmas Trees

The following cards are two of my favourites and both feature embossed gold foil details and paper inserts.


Woodland Wildlife | Card Code: 8LC130 Woodland Wildlife (Front Personalised) | Card Code: 8LC130-P

This gorgeous card features textured and embossed gold foil detailing that catch the light beautifully and brings the card to life. The Front Personalised version allows you to add your company name in gold foil too. With lovely illustrations and a stunning finish this card will really impress your clients. It comes with the addition of a paper insert which adds to the quality of this product.

Star Upon the Tree | Card Code: 8LC129

This card is a very simple but effective design, with minimal colours and a clean white background. The use of gold and red emphasises the luxurious, Christmassy feel and the addition of a bow makes it extra special. The foil on this design is also embossed and has a matte and shiny finish in different areas. This card features a paper insert which will include all your inside personalisation.

All of our cards come with the option to support a charity, 10p from the sale of every card you buy will go to your chosen cause.

All of our cards also come with free peel and seal envelopes, free UK mainland delivery and a free gift.

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